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Hilary sits against a chair wearing a purple shirt. A small dog lays in her lap

Hilary Farr is an internationally renowned designer, house renovator and co-host of the hit HGTV show, Love It or List It. She is also the president of Hilary Farr Design, a thriving interior design company founded over 15 years ago.

She is credited as the first designer to stage properties for sale in Toronto, where she currently resides. The internationally-known design sensation has also lived in Australia, England, California, and New York.

Much of Farr’s success is attributed to her ability to anticipate industry trends, understand the personalities of her many unique clients, and to respond with distinctive designs that suit their needs and lifestyles. Drama, timeless glamour, and functionality are Farr’s trademarks.

Hilary Farr’s Rules of Renovation will show you how to increase the value of properties through innovative and cost effective strategies.


I hope you are just as ecstatic as I am to attend one of my team’s events! I’ve been in your anxious shoes before. I have felt the same anticipation a thousand times on my TV show when gearing up for a big renovation reveal. The time is now, you simply cannot wait!

We all have to start somewhere.

After being in the real estate industry for many years and renovating a plethora of homes, I have been able to test and perfect the best practices for starting in the real estate business, and of course successfully staying in it.

You should know it is truly an honor to be able to share this knowledge with you and guide you on your own path to success. It is finally time for you to experience your own big reveal, see the possibilities, and taste success. Your journey starts now!

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