It’s understandable that people are suspicious of scams these days. We agree that you shouldn’t trust just anyone with your hard-earned money. You might be saving up for retirement, trying to pay off debt, working to send your kids to college, or all three.

Plus, all the TV shows about house flippers make us seem glamorous and our lifestyle looks easy. In response, unscrupulous people create bogus information products promising the moon to TV viewers.

Well, some people are scammers, but that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with all house flipping education programs. For many professionals, flipping houses is their daily business practice, and some of them have chosen to create high-quality training to help others succeed.

Rules of Renovation offers training events to help you get started. You can learn:

Learning How to Learn

In an introductory event from Rules of Renovation, you can learn a lot in a couple of hours, but not everything. That’s true of any training for any profession. No one learns to be a nurse from one workshop.

We’ll give you the basics and show you how to learn the rest over time. After your first training, you’ll know the right questions to ask and topics to research in order to continue your education and build your business.

At an introductory event, we’ll present the most important rules of house flipping that have brought us success. But your own desire is a major factor. How much do you want to be a real estate investor? Your own motivation will determine how much you get out of the training.

Honest Education

At Rules of Renovation, we practice transparency and honesty. Our events take place in their scheduled locations and times and we strive to deliver quality information. You can contact us and actually talk to a real person.

We also keep up with reviews and testimonials on our website and post useful content there. Plus, you can see our current events posted publicly on our social media accounts.

We constantly get positive feedback from our students who have ongoing business relationships with our trainers. You too can meet and get to know us at free events in a variety of cities and see for yourself how useful and helpful our training can be.

Can You Get a Good Education for Free?

You can learn a lot online for free. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just hop on the internet and become a successful house flipper by reading some forums?

That’s just not reality. Forums are overloaded with opinions from people who haven’t achieved success, mixed with a few legitimate ideas. It’s almost impossible to sort them out if you’re not already successful.

When you buy high-quality educational information, you’re getting current industry knowledge from successful practitioners, written materials you can use in your business right away, and proven strategies.

Most importantly, trainers cut through the noise of opinions and give you the vital information you need. Your credit score, reputation, and precious cash—they’re all riding on this. So, we only present strategies and information that are proven.

More Than You Can Learn in a Book

Can you get this information from a book, your community college, or online resources? Well, you can become educated through those sources, but you won’t get the very latest, most actionable, most reliable information all in one place like you can from Rules of Renovation.

We love to teach entrepreneurs to successfully price, bid on, and renovate properties—and then repeat. We can train you to follow these steps, build a team, and watch your numbers exactly as the experts do.

We’ll also support you because we care about seeing you succeed. We’ve seen students at all different levels of knowledge, and we know how to bridge the gap between what you currently know and where you want to go.

To get started, register for an event with Rules of Renovation in a city near you. Just remember, no matter how much we teach you, it’s up to you to take action. We can show you the door, but only you can walk through it—and renovate it!