Interior Design: A House Flipper’s Best-Kept Secret

Wed Jul 03 2019

When you’re renovating a home to turn a profit, interior design makes a bigger difference than you might expect. Beginning house flippers often believe all that’s needed are some basic repairs or knocking out a wall, but interior design is one of the best tools that experienced Rules of Renovation s

3 Easy Backyard Renovations

Wed Jul 03 2019

The backyard of a house flip is super important. It’s not the first feature that potential buyers see, but it can be a detail that shows you were thorough in preparing a house for sale. It’s a great opportunity to stand out and make your property memorable.

8 DIY Curb Appeal Ideas

Tue May 28 2019

Whether you’re selling your home or want to enhance the space you’re in, elevating curb appeal is a great investment. Check out these 8 items for easy and affordable DIY curb appeal projects you can do this weekend.

3 Deal Breakers That Should Stop You from Buying a Potential Flip

Wed May 08 2019

In the flipping business, you’ll often hear people say things like, “Any property is a good investment if you get it for the right price!” This might be true to an extent, but there’s a catch – the “right” price isn’t just a “cheap” or “below market value” price, it’s the price that allows you to ma

How to Build the Best Real Estate Team

Thu Apr 25 2019

Everyone knows that a lot goes into being a successful real estate investor – getting a great education, putting in hundreds of hours of hard work, and building a good reputation for yourself. However, people often forget just how important it is to have a great real estate team behind you as well.

Creative Closet Makeovers

Fri Apr 05 2019

If you’re looking to breathe some new life into your bedroom and enjoy a little added value to your home, it may be time to overhaul your bedroom closet. Reorganizing how you store your clothes, shoes, and accessories has the power to change your morning routine, which makes for a better day overall

Why Home Renovators Should Paint Wood Cabinets

Sat Mar 30 2019

So you’ve got a dated kitchen straight out of the ’70s with wood paneling on the cabinetry and everywhere else you turn. Or maybe you’re tired of the same old kitchen and just want to spruce up and modernize the space to impress potential buyers. The quickest—and cheapest—way to update your kitchen

8 Ways to Make the Most of Limited Kitchen Space

Fri Mar 01 2019

Kitchens are a big selling point for home buyers. They want a modern and updated kitchen—with plenty of space for cooking and entertaining. If your home or investment property suffers from a tiny kitchen, you might be worried about how it will go over with potential buyers. Luckily, there are a few

Are Rules of Renovation Events a Scam?

Sun Feb 10 2019

It’s understandable that people are suspicious of scams these days. We agree that you shouldn’t trust just anyone with your hard-earned money. You might be saving up for retirement, trying to pay off debt, working to send your kids to college, or all three.

Will Smart Home Tech Increase the Value of My Home Flip?

Tue Jan 22 2019

When you’re getting ready to flip a house, you might wonder, “Should I use smart home tech to upgrade this property?” Smart tech is definitely on the rise, and in 2015, a poll found that 27% of homeowners

Should You Open Up Your Kitchen?

Sat Dec 15 2018

Open floor plans are trendy right now, and open kitchens have had the spotlight for a while. In fact, open kitchens have become so popular during the past few years that I can almost guarantee that they will be here to stay.

Should You Get Design Help for Your Next Rehab?

Fri Nov 16 2018

I love beautiful designs. I am always searching for new and innovative ideas for my renovations as well as my own home. Since I enjoy interior design so much, I am always looking at the latest trends and deciding which ones might stay around and which ones will be gone within a year.

Should You Consider White for Your Interior Trim?

Wed Oct 31 2018

As you may know, Benjamin Moore declared white the color of the year for 2016. But is white the color of the year again this year, or should we expect something completely different?

Is Wall-to-Wall Carpeting Back?

Wed Oct 10 2018

When I renovate a home, I have to spend time deciding the best route to take for the floors. In some homes, there’s simply no substitute for hardwood flooring, but others look beautiful with laminate flooring or tile. I’ve almost never considered wall-to-wall carpet, until recently.

How to Rehab a Kitchen with a Shoestring Budget

Sun Sep 30 2018

I love rehabbing kitchens. Some of them are often complete design disasters, while others are just, well, uninspiring. By the time I have completed a kitchen, though, it’s totally modern, completely redesigned, and a real pleasure to cook in.

How to Guarantee Your Renovation Fits Your Budget

Sun Sep 23 2018

When renovating a house, especially one that needs quite a bit of fixing up, it can be all too easy to push the budget to the wayside. Naturally, you’ll want to fix up your flip with new appliances, fancy light fixtures, expensive flooring, etc.

How to Find – and Keep – a Great General Contractor

Wed Aug 15 2018

As you learn how to get started with remodeling houses, you’re going to read and hear a lot about working closely with your general contractor. You will find out that your general contractor is one of the most important assets when you remodel. And that the right general contractor can turn a good d

Hilary’s 5 Best Home Staging Tips

Mon Jul 23 2018

If you’ve watched my show, you may know that I love to stage the homes that I remodel. While some properties often sell on their own without any staging, most homes sell faster if they have a few pieces of furniture and décor laid out. If you truly want to impress buyers, and receive a better offer,

Hanging the TV Over the Fireplace – Brilliant Move or Terrible Design Faux Pas?

Thu Jul 05 2018

Renovating homes is an interesting process. You have to consider more than simply how the space looks when it’s empty. You also need to take into consideration how people are going to use that space and what you can do to make it more accommodating for your buyers and their lifestyle. That’s why I’v

Feeling Burnt Out on Restorations? 3 Ways to Push Through

Sat Jun 30 2018

If you’ve remodeled a few houses, or even if you haven’t, you may know that renovating a home can be exhausting. As much as I enjoy learning and finding new ways to fix old construction challenges and taking all of the little steps to remodel an old, outdated home, I’ll be honest—I’ve found myself b

3 Tips for Working with Slanted Ceilings

Sat Jun 02 2018

I love working with older homes for several reasons. They are more unique and have more interesting stories than a lot of new, cookie-cutter construction houses. At the same time, this can also be rather challenging. After all, when you’re working with newer construction homes, you usually don’t run

3 Ways to Lay Out a Kitchen in Any Home

Tue May 15 2018

Lately, I’ve been thinking about kitchen layouts. I’ve found that with home renovation there is never a single “right” answer for how to go about the design, and a kitchen layout is no different. Keep in mind that if you aren’t careful, all of your kitchens can start looking the same. When that happ

Don’t Forget the Kitchen! Rehab Tips for the Most Important Room in the House

Thu Apr 12 2018

Over the years, I’ve learned some really surprising things about rehabbing and remodeling homes. One of the most interesting things I’ve learned along the way? Kitchens sell homes. Master baths help a lot, too, but nothing sells a house faster than an updated, open, and inviting kitchen. It’s not un

5 Beautiful Ways to Use Beadboard in Your Home

Fri Mar 30 2018

As an interior designer, I am constantly looking for new ways to add style and beauty to a room. While beadboard isn’t necessarily new to the design world, I feel like it’s the perfect material to instantly transform any space.

4 Tips for Adding a Coffered Ceiling to a Renovation

Mon Mar 05 2018

Sometimes, when I take on a renovation project, I have to try to imagine what the house looked like when it was first built. Not only are some older houses really rundown, but in many instances, previous owners have completely changed the style and look of the home. For example, I’ve found houses wh

5 Reasons to Consider Installing a Modern Wood Stove in a Home Renovation

Wed Feb 28 2018

Wood-burning stoves have a beautiful old-world look and feeling, but with the invention of modern HVAC options, they’ve become less common. They were no longer being used in kitchens, and they didn’t have a place in most living rooms anymore, either. However, there’s been a recent resurgence of the

4 Features That Make Cabinets Stand Out

Fri Feb 02 2018

When you’ve remodeled as many kitchens and bathrooms as I have, you tend to learn that there are a vast number of options for cabinetry. Your choices range from the materials and hardware down to the specific shape, size, and design. If you aren’t as familiar with cabinetry options as I am, it’s eas

4 Things You Need to Know About Doorless Showers

Mon Jan 22 2018

I tend to make quite a few updates to homes I remodel, especially if they are older or are laden with a few design flaws. Due to this, I spend a decent amount of time researching the latest interior design trends, particularly in relation to bathrooms and kitchens. One of the trends I’ve noticed qui

Should You Get Design Help for Your Next Rehab?

Fri Dec 15 2017

I love beautiful design. I am always searching for new and innovative ideas for my renovations as well as my own home. Since I enjoy interior design so much, I am always looking at the latest trends and deciding which ones might stay around and which ones will be gone within a year.

Should You Replace or Rehab a Flip House’s Windows?

Sat Nov 25 2017

When I remodel a house, I always anticipate to replace everything in the home. Appliances, fixtures, flooring, and almost everything else usually needs an update. The roof is one piece that may or may not need to be replaced, but a new coat of paint is certainly a must both inside and out.

Why You Might Not Want to Choose Marble for a Bathroom Renovation

Wed Oct 18 2017

For years, it felt like every luxurious bathroom was made of marble. Many interior designers as well as myself love the look of marble, but I’ve found that it doesn’t work well in bathrooms or other rooms that maintain moisture. Why is marble used so often these spaces? Marble mined from Italy and s

What’s the Best Way to Test Paint Colors in Any Room?

Tue Sep 12 2017

Selecting the right paint colors for a room can be rather overwhelming. Unfortunately, deciding on the best shade isn’t as simple as selecting samples and taping them to a wall. There are a few factors you need to take into consideration when choosing paint colors, including lighting and the room’s

Top 5 Home Improvements Worth Splurging On

Thu Aug 10 2017

Everyone likes to save money, but you don’t need to be worried about splurging on these improvements when you are remodeling or renovating your home. Whether you plan on selling in the future or if you want to stay around for a while, investing in your home is a wise idea. Spending money on home imp

Should You Turn a Tiny Bedroom into a Huge Closet?

Sat Jul 15 2017

All houses tend to come with their own unique set of challenges, but older houses seem to even more so. An interesting part about renovating older homes is that many of them don’t include closets. If a house was built before World War II, it might have had very small closets in the bedrooms, but it

4 Things to Consider Before Starting a Bathroom Rehab

Sat Jun 10 2017

Bathrooms rehabs are some of my favorite on almost any house flip. When I walk into a distressed property and check out the bathrooms, I never know what level of destruction I’m going to find. I’ve seen mold, tubs that were completely demolished, toilets that would never work again, and so much more

2 Great Tips for Not Over-Rehabbing Your Properties

Mon May 22 2017

When it comes to remodeling homes, you might not realize that you can over-improve a property. In fact, you might believe that adding brand new appliances, updating the floor plan and spending time or money on landscaping might even bring your property value up above market value. Actually, quite th

3 Ways to Fight the Urge for Perfection

Wed Apr 05 2017

You may have heard the old saying, “Perfect is the enemy of good”. Most of the time, when people quote this saying, they’re referring to entrepreneurialism, but it can certainly apply to real estate investing—and house flipping as well. There are several different ways when perfectionism can hinder

4 Great Ideas to Update a Laundry Room

Sun Mar 19 2017

The laundry room can be pretty challenging when you’re renovating a home. Depending on the age of the house and who’s lived there in the past, there might be some updates, but you may have to start from scratch. You might even have to run plumbing to the laundry room if the house is really old and h

3 Upgrades That Are Worth Paying For

Tue Feb 21 2017

Remodeling houses is an ambitious pursuit that can be rewarding if you have the right tools, expertise and patience to see the project through to fruition. I am constantly on the lookout for ways to maximize my investment, implement effective design strategies and receive the most out of every rehab

6 Easy Remodeling Tips to Completely Transform a Master Bedroom

Wed Jan 11 2017

When you step foot into your master bedroom, it should feel like an oasis. It should be the perfect place for you to relax and read a book and unwind after a long day, not just a place where you lie down and turn off the light at the end of the day. How can you create the perfect haven in your maste

2 Great Ideas When You Need to Tear Out a Wall

Sun Jan 01 2017

When I plan my home renovation projects, I always try to restore as much of the look and feel of the original house as possible. That said, there are many times when a wall needs to be torn out to allow for more space, light, and a better