Hilary’s 10 Rules of Renovation to Impress Buyers

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Follow these 10 rules of renovation on your next remodel to impress your potential buyers! Everyone who steps through the front door will love the home.

Follow these 10 rules of renovation on your next remodel to impress your potential buyers! Everyone who steps through the front door will love the home.Buying a house is one of the largest decisions you can make in life. Not only is it a large financial investment, but it is an emotional decision as well. When you are renovating a house, you need to find ways to make the house worth the investment for your buyers. Ultimately, your goal is to create a space that plays with your buyers’ emotions and that they feel right at home in. One of the best ways to achieve this is to set aside your personal tastes and to stick with the design basics. Sticking with what’s tried and true will guarantee that every potential buyers who steps through the front door will love the home you’ve created.

Here are some great tips for helping you design a home that will impress anyone!


Improve curb appeal by freshening up the home’s exterior. Replace or repair broken walkways, and put in new grass and plants. Add a new coat of paint to the door. Place a couple of planters on the porch to welcome potential buyers inside. TIP: Add in-ground lighting to light the up the path by using solar powered lamps. It’s green with no electrical wiring required.


Second to the home’s exterior, the entryway creates your potential buyers’ first impression of the home. Try to make the entryway as impressive as you can depending on the space you have available. TIP: An accent light fixture, small table and a mirror work great!


Walls and floors are the largest spaces in a house. Repaint all interior walls and trim in light, neutral earth tones. Never use strong colors or “Builders’ Beige!” I tend to stick with light shades of gray. TIP: Buy a small sample can of paint to see how the color looks on the walls before you commit to purchasing several gallons of paint.


Make sure floors and carpeting are pristine. If your budget allows, install hardwood throughout the house. Hardwood is hypo allergenic and looks beautiful. TIP: If you are installing new hardwood, use pre-finished which can be installed in a day.


Kitchens are one of the single most expensive rooms in a house. You will want to allocate a good portion of your budget for upgrading or installing a new kitchen. Beware of over spending in this area and not upgrading the rest of the house. If you do this, it won’t sell no matter how beautiful the kitchen looks. If your budget is very tight, clean and paint the cabinetry instead of installing new. A new backsplash and countertop can also do wonders for a kitchen. If the existing appliances are very well-used, then purchasing new ones is a must.  TIP: Look for bargains at big box stores, and kitchen appliance outlets selling reduced priced,  “dent and scratch` or older models.


This is one room that must be super clean and functional. If you are on a tight budget, keep the existing layout to save money on plumbing. Upgrade lighting, add a brand new elegant shower curtain and put in towel bars, with white, fluffy towels. If you can steal space from a room adjoining to enlarge a bathroom, or create a master ensuite, do it! A smaller bedroom is a good trade off.  TIP: Replacing a pedestal sink with a vanity upgrade creates extra storage space.


Storage is everything. If it’s feasible, sacrifice part or all of an adjoining room to create additional closet space for all adjoining bedrooms, especially if it means you create a great walk-in closet for the master. TIP: Upgrading an existing closet space can be as simple as putting in more functional hanging and shelving solutions.


Maximize the use of natural light by adding in extra windows or enlarging existing windows. TIP: Framing windows with new wood trim and adding curtains adds a touch of luxury.


Remove or open up walls to let the light in from more than one angle to make the space feel larger. This is especially important on the main floor of a house. TIP: if you can’t take remove an entire wall, take down the middle section to connect spaces and allow in more light.


Do your research and set a realistic budget! If you’ve seen my show, then you know how important that is! Visit open houses and online listings. Once you understand price points for purchase and realistic resale prices you can start a renovation budget with your expected profit margin in mind. Sales price and area, along with demographics, will help you decide what is expected for a successful sale. Who is your target buyer? Young first time buyers, or professionals moving up the real estate ladder? Each target buyer will have different expectations for a home.

If you follow my 10 rules of renovation, you are sure to create a home that will impress anyone!

Follow these 10 rules of renovation on your next remodel to impress your potential buyers! Everyone who steps through the front door will love the home.

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  1. This blog is very helpful and well-written. Bathrooms are among the most utilised area of any home. These design tips and inspirational ideas make you get the most from the properties by enhancing both functionality and value.

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