Feeling Burnt Out with Remodeling? 3 Ways to Stay Motivated

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Renovating a home can be exhausting and can lead to remodeling burnout. Luckily, there are ways to stay motivated when you find yourself getting burned out.

Renovating a home can be exhausting and can lead to remodeling burnout. Luckily, there are ways to stay motivated when you find yourself getting burned out.If you’ve remodeled a few houses, or even if you haven’t, you may know that renovating a home can be exhausting. As much as I enjoy learning and finding new ways to fix old construction challenges and taking all of the little steps to remodel an old, outdated home, I’ll be honest—I’ve found myself burnt out on occasion, and it isn’t fun.

Sometimes, especially with a large project, it can feel like you are putting your blood, sweat, and tears in all day, but when it’s time to quit for the day you barely see a difference. That feeling can make it hard to push through, and as a result your work and productivity end up suffering. So how can you progress past this burnout? Over the years, I’ve found a few helpful ways that have helped me to stay motivated when the going gets tough.


I’ve noticed that the times when I’ve felt the most burnt out are always when I had a repetitive task that I have to do for several days. Unfortunately, those are the types of tasks that you will have to work with regularly when you are renovating homes. But you can also disrupt the monotony by breaking up your day.

Schedule regular, short breaks to stand up, stretch, walk outside, go get a cup of coffee, or do anything else besides looking at the job. When you come back, you’ll feel refreshed, and you’ll be able to work at a faster pace than if you simply keep forcing yourself to keep moving.


Is your renovation project in a neighborhood with beautiful homes similar to the one you’re working on? Take a drive around and visit some of these homes. Think about how beautiful your fixer-upper is going to look once you finish remodeling it, and how your buyers are going to fall in love with it. Don’t be afraid to stop and talk to the neighbors. Ask them about their homes. Get to know some of their stories. This type of information can be inspirational.

If you aren’t fortunate enough to have this type of inspiration in the area, you can certainly find some online or on TV. Watch a remodeling show or go over to Pinterest or Google and search for restored homes that are from the same time period or style as yours. It might sound silly, but doing this will give you a way to visualize where all your hard work is taking you.


Finally, if you’re really burning out on a particular renovation job, step away from it if possible. I certainly don’t want you to take this as an excuse to stop working on the house all together though. Instead, find something that’s a little bit easier, but makes more of a visual difference. Whether it’s some demolition work or cleaning out a cluttered room, sometimes just seeing that your work is progressing can be enough to motivate you to keep moving forward.

These are just three of my favorite tips for overcoming burnout and getting back in the game. As I have followed these tips, I am able to remind myself that the work is actually going to take less time than I realize, and one day soon, I’ll walk through the front door and see the home coming together. Do the same, and you’ll be able to say goodbye to burnout and start enjoying your projects again.

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  1. These tips make sense. True with any job that becomes repetitive and looks endless. I love it! Thank you.

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