How to Increase Your Property’s Curb Appeal

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It's easy to forget the importance of curb appeal when it comes to real estate investing. Follow these tips to make your property more appealing to buyers!

It's easy to forget the importance of curb appeal when it comes to real estate investing. Follow these tips to make your property more appealing to buyers!Any good real estate investor knows the importance of beautifying a home’s interior AND exterior, but many people still seem to forget about curb appeal. If you aren’t aware, curb appeal is one of the biggest factors that gets potential buyers in the door during an open house. Spending time on a home’s curb appeal is equally as important as fixing up the interior of a home.

If you aren’t sure what to do about your investment property’s outdoor design, or if your budget is starting to run thin, the good news is that there are a few simple and cost-effective tasks that can help increase your profit potential. With quite a few years of experience under my belt, I’ve found that these guidelines are essential for increasing a property’s curb appeal.


Before investing in anything, start looking at the home’s exterior first. One easy task that you may even be able to tackle yourself is to apply a fresh coat of exterior paint. The cost of a few cans of paint and supplies is a small investment that can pay off significantly. For older homes, you can update the home’s outside look with a fresh, modern hue. A newer home can get a bright, new look that quickly helps it stand out.


Another cost-effective strategy that works great for increasing the curb appeal of a property is to upgrade the landscaping. With distressed properties, it’s common to have a layer of wild overgrowth that covers up some of the best features of the home. Once you remove this excess foliage, you can easily make a property look more beautiful. After removing the unwanted growth, though, it’s important to then consider adding more effective landscaping. Some properties may need an entire new lawn of sod, or you may just need a few shrubs or plants to add a variety of focal points all around the exterior.


Color is another way you can bring in potential buyers. In the spring, inexpensive pops of color with bright flowers in window boxes or along the front of the house can make a home much more inviting. During the colder months of the year, you can focus on simple accessories, such as mailboxes, welcome mats or flags to give a little more brightness to the home.


In this line of work, it’s essential to own a pressure washer. The hypnotic satisfaction we get from removing months, or even years, of dirt and grime off of exterior spaces is not only fun, but it also helps make your investment shine like it’s brand new again. You can uncover your home’s hidden potential with a quick rinse from a pressure washer.


The last thing to evaluate outside of the home is the sidewalk space. If there are cracks, uneven spots or weeds growing all around it, it’s time to replace that path. An ugly walkway can make it harder for you to get buyers inside of your investment property.

Getting your investment property ready for sale often includes spending some work on the exterior. Make your investment property draw people inside by sprucing up the curb appeal, and enjoy the satisfaction of a large influx of potential buyers at your next open house.

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  1. Thank You for your ideas, I don’t want selling it, I’m really LOVE IT, it’s my first house, I will follow your tips.
    Thank You for your help.

  2. So excited and looking forward to hearing and seeing Hillary Farr’s designs and new ideas! We love watching “Love It or List It,” and are ALWAYS rooting for “LOVE IT!”

  3. Love these ideas! You are right on. The only addition I would offer for consideration isd to paint the front door a stand out color. Other than making a statement from a design standpoint it gives potential buyers a great way to remember your property among all the places they toured. If your listing is top of mind you are likely to get an offer. We have many years of rehabbing and selling properties and bering unique works and sells properties fast. Stand out and don’t be bland. See you on Nov. 8th at 6pm.

  4. Your tips are so true and rt on point! I sold a property in Miami in one day of putting my family home on the market because I applied and used all of your tips to sell my home. My husband at the time was in shock because he was not prepared to move out of our home in 2 weeks and our brand new home was not ready for us to move into. So we had to move into my ex husbands parents house for some months until the new house was ready.

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