How to Write a Great Real Estate Ad

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Learning how to write a great real estate ad will help you sell those properties that you've worked so hard on remodeling and rehabbing.

Learning how to write a great real estate ad will help you sell those properties that you've worked so hard on remodeling and rehabbing.When people come to the Rules of Renovation events, they usually expect to learn about how to start real estate investing. They often don’t consider all of the things that go into creating and running a successful real estate investing business.

For example, many Rules of Renovation students expect to hear about tricks and tips for finding and building a great real estate team, but they don’t necessarily expect to receive writing tips. I believe in helping students learn about all aspects of house flipping, including real estate marketing.

Once you’re more established and have several projects happening at once, you might want to consider hiring someone else to run your real estate marketing campaigns and do your copywriting for you.

For now, though, it’s worth it to save some cash and do it yourself.

Of course, you need to make sure that you’re writing compelling real estate ads that will actually sell your properties and/or get you leads on new deals.

Personality Sells Properties

As you sit down to write ads for your business and your properties, think about how you talk to your sellers and buyers. Think about the brand voice you want to convey in every message you send to the public.

Write in the same style that you speak to motivated sellers and new home buyers and don’t be afraid to inject some personality into your ads. No one wants to buy a house from a robot, so have some fun with it.

A photo of someone writing a real estate ad.

Use personality when writing ads, because no one wants to buy a home from a robot!

Be Descriptive But Concise

You don’t want your ad to read like this, “2000 sq. ft., 3-bedroom, 2-bath house on 1 acre.” You couldn’t be more bare bones than that, right? While it’s concise and to the point, it’s also boring and not very informative at all.

On the other hand, you can go overboard with your ads, too. For example, you could write something like, “Take a look at this incredibly gorgeous 2000 sq. ft. house, walking distance from historic downtown area. It has three spacious bedrooms with two updated bathrooms and a modern kitchen. Sitting on an acre of beautifully landscaped property, the view is to die for!”

A photo of a nice house that could be used in a real estate ad.

Real estate ads should be descriptive, concise, and should encourage the viewer to click on it.

When you get too wordy, your advertisements will often get cut off, and you won’t get the most important information across unless someone clicks on the listing. Without that information, they might never click. So find a happy medium.

For example, I might write, “Amazing deal! Beautiful 2000 sq. ft. house with three bedrooms, two updated baths, and hardwood floors throughout.” Once the viewer clicks on my ad, they can find out all of the other information I have in the property description, but this should be enough to get most people interested.

Check Your Spelling and Grammar

Finally, once you’ve written your ad, don’t just submit it. Stop and reread it. Most writing software has built-in spelling and grammar tools, but they won’t pick up all typos. Make absolutely sure that your ad copy is error-free before you send it, or you’ll regret it.

For more real estate investing tips, I highly recommend registering for one of the Rules of Renovation events. Taking a real estate class can help you learn how to start a house flipping business.

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