How to Use Pinterest for Your Real Estate Marketing

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There are hundreds of thousands of users on Pinterest, which means your business will be able to gain a lot of exposure from the platform.

There are hundreds of thousands of users on Pinterest, which means your business will be able to gain a lot of exposure from the platform.When it first started gaining popularity, I never considered Pinterest to be a real estate marketing tool. Today, many real estate professionals use it regularly to gain brand awareness, build leads, and sell properties.

Back in the day (not that long ago), Pinterest was a fun way to archive sites, articles, and items that users found online, using pictures and “pin boards” instead of links, lists, and bookmarks. For a while, it wasn’t much more than an online playground for people interested in crafting their dream home or their dream wedding. Now, though, Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks. More and more people are using it, and more and more businesses are tapping into the platform’s potential for marketing and brand recognition.

So, how can you use Pinterest in your real estate marketing strategy? Here are just a few great tips for using this image-based social network to build your business.

Create Interesting Boards

To start with, create pin boards that people want to follow. Of course, you’ll want to create boards to show off the houses you have listed for sale, but if you want to reach more people, you have to cast a wider net. Set up boards for improving curb appeal, redecorating, creative solutions for storage problems, and other home living topics. You can also make local boards that include neighborhood news and events.

Great Pinning Ideas

Once you’ve created your boards, you need to fill them with pins. The more interesting your images are, the more people will want to follow your boards. So, what should you pin to get more followers on Pinterest?

  • Architectural and interior design photos-Find images and articles from architecture and interior design sites and magazines. Pin these pictures as inspiration for bathroom remodeling ideas, dream landscaping projects, and more.
  • DIY home improvement projects-Share pins of tutorials for home improvement and renovation projects that homeowners can do themselves. Everyone loves a good DIY project, especially if it promises amazing results on a budget.
  • Pictures of your team-Remember, all of your social media marketing should be aimed at building trust and solid relationships with your sellers and buyers. Showing pictures of you and your team at a job site, at a group outing, or giving back with charitable work will do exactly that. You’ll put faces with names and show that you’re real people, doing real work every day.
  • Pictures from your website-Post pictures with blog posts and other quality content on your website, and then pin those images. People who see your pins can then click the link and go right to your website.

Anything that’s visually appealing and is related to real estate can be a great pin. Just add a helpful description, and you’re on your way.

Follow Relevant Pinners in Real Estate and Join Group Pin Boards

Pinterest is not just about what you pin, though. It’s also about who you follow. Follow people in the real estate business. Comment, like, and re-pin their pins. Get social, and join group pin boards to get your pins out there to people who don’t already follow you. The more you pin and re-pin, the more exposure your business will receive.

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  1. Very interesting! I am not a realtor in Florida, where I plan on start a House Flipping Business. Of course, we would want to have a realtor in our Conor. The plan is to flip some homes in areas that are on the lower end of the spectrum. Initial target is low income first time home buyers. Provide a starter home that is worth the investment .

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