How to Avoid Over-Rehabbing a Property

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Over-rehabbing a property is a bad idea if you actually want to make a profit in the end. Follow these tips for staying within budget and making good deals on properties.

Whenever people ask me what the worst thing they could do as a home remodeler is, I always tell them over-rehabbing a property. If you accidentally overbid on a house or your remodel starts to go overbudget, it’s tempting to continue moving forward and set your asking price higher when you are finished. After all, won’t people be willing to … Read More

Hilary’s Favorite Materials for Any Rehab

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Don't get stuck at the hardware store wondering what materials you should buy. Hilary's favorite materials are perfect go-to solutions for any rehab.

If you’re like me, you aren’t planning on rehabbing just one or two houses a year. In fact, once you get your real estate investing business going, you probably plan on rehabbing multiple houses in a month. If that’s the case, you can help yourself out big-time by knowing the best materials to use on all your rehabs. When you … Read More

How to Guarantee Your Renovation Fits Your Budget

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A well-planned budget is crucial when beginning renovation work. Follow these tips to guarantee you'll be able to pay the bill for your renovating projects.

When renovating a house, especially one that needs quite a bit of fixing up, it can be all too easy to push the budget to the wayside. Naturally, you’ll want to fix up the house with new appliances, fancy light fixtures, expensive flooring, etc. I have learned from past experience the importance of staying within the budget when rehabbing a … Read More

How to Rehab a Kitchen with a Shoestring Budget

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Unexpected things are bound to happen when you are remodeling a house, luckily you can make all of the major renovations with just a shoestring budget.

I love rehabbing kitchens. Some of them are often complete design disasters, while others are just, well, uninspiring. By the time I have completed a kitchen, though, it’s totally modern, completely redesigned, and a real pleasure to cook in. Of course when it comes to remodeling, you may have a really tight budget for your kitchen rehabs. Maybe you wanted … Read More