Mounting a TV Over the Fireplace – What to Consider

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Whether you mount a TV over the fireplace or not can be a tough decision to make. Here is what to consider before finalizing your design ideas.

Renovating homes is an interesting process. You have to consider more than simply how the space looks when it’s empty. You also need to take into consideration how people are going to use that space and what you can do to make it more accommodating for your buyers and their lifestyle. That’s one reason why I’ve pondered quite a bit … Read More

Should You Consider White for Your Interior Trim?

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Choosing the right color for your interior trim can feel like an overwhelming decision. These pros and cons will help you pick the best color for your home.

As you may know, Benjamin Moore declared white the color of the year for 2016. But is white the color of the year again in 2017, or should we expect something completely different? These are the types of questions that keep interior designers, like myself, up all night. Fortunately, if you’re careful and pay attention to detail, you will be … Read More