3 Ways to Lay Out a Kitchen in Any Home

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A kitchen is one of the most important parts of any home. Read these tips to figure out how to lay out a kitchen in your next renovation.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about kitchen layouts. I’ve found that with home renovation there is never a single “right” answer for how to go about the design, and a kitchen layout is no different. Keep in mind that if you aren’t careful, all of your kitchens can start looking the same. When that happens, you may find yourself with a … Read More

Should You Open Up Your Kitchen?

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Open floor plans are trendy right now, but an open kitchen may or may not be a good decision for your remodel depending on cost and value.

Open floor plans are trendy right now, and they have had the spotlight for a while. In fact, open kitchens have become so popular during the past few years that I can almost guarantee that they will be here to stay. Keep in mind that open floor plans obviously don’t work for every house, and an open kitchen isn’t always a … Read More

4 Features That Make Cabinets Stand Out

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These cabinet features will stand out and will be a hit in your home or remodel. Highlight certain areas in your kitchen by adding appealing features.

When you’ve remodeled as many kitchens and bathrooms as I have, you tend to learn that there are a vast number of options for cabinetry. Your choices range from the materials and hardware down to the specific shape, size, and design. If you aren’t as familiar with cabinetry options as I am, it’s easy to get lost when you have … Read More