3 Big Mistakes Every Real Estate Investor Should Avoid

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Starting a real estate business can be intimidating, but it will be easier if you learn to avoid making these big real estate mistakes from the beginning.

Starting your own real estate investing business can be intimidating and exhilarating. As you begin to get to know the real estate industry and the home remodeling business, you’re inevitably going to be over-prepared in some areas and underprepared in others. If you wait until you know everything there is to know about remodeling and investing in real estate, though, … Read More

When is the Best Time to Buy a Property?

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People are always wondering when the best time to buy a property is. The answer is always right now. The worst thing you can do is wait around for the "right time" to come along.

Whenever people find out about what I do, they always have questions about real estate, usually pertaining to tips for remodeling a house, etc. I love answering these questions. I could talk about real estate investing all day long. Although, I’ve noticed that there is one question that tends to come up more often than others. People want to know … Read More

How to Increase Your Property’s Curb Appeal

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It's easy to forget the importance of curb appeal when it comes to real estate investing. Follow these tips to make your property more appealing to buyers!

Any good real estate investor knows the importance of beautifying a home’s interior AND exterior, but many people still seem to forget about curb appeal. If you aren’t aware, curb appeal is one of the biggest factors that gets potential buyers in the door during an open house. Spending time on a home’s curb appeal is equally as important as … Read More

2 Tips for Not Over-Rehabbing Your Properties

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Over-rehabbing your property won't help you make more money, instead you'll end up losing it. Follow these 2 tips to help you avoid making that mistake!

When it comes to remodeling homes, you might not realize that you can over-improve a property. In fact, you might believe that adding brand new appliances, updating the floor plan and spending time or money on landscaping might even bring your property value up above market value. Actually, quite the opposite is true. Believe it or not, if you over-rehab … Read More

Hilary Farr and Professional Education LLC Team Up for New Program

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Hilary Farr has teamed up with Professional Education LLC to form Rules of Renovation, a program designed to teach students about real estate investing.

DALLAS, TEXAS, July 14, 2017 – Professional Education LLC has teamed up with Hilary Farr, the internationally renowned interior designer and co-host of HGTV’s hit show, Love It or List It. The two have formed Rules of Renovation, a real estate education program designed to show you how to increase the value of properties through innovative and cost effective strategies. … Read More

3 Ways to Fight the Urge for Perfection

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Perfectionism can hinder and delay your profits. Follow those tips to help you fight the urge for perfection and become more successful with renovating.

You may have heard the old saying, “Perfect is the enemy of good”. Most of the time, when people quote this saying, they’re referring to entrepreneurialism, but it can certainly apply to real estate investing—and remodeling as well. There are several different ways when perfectionism can hinder you and delay your profits. Some of which include: • Feeling like you … Read More