How to Guarantee Your Renovation Fits Your Budget

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A well-planned budget is crucial when beginning renovation work. Follow these tips to guarantee you'll be able to pay the bill for your renovating projects.

When renovating a house, especially one that needs quite a bit of fixing up, it can be all too easy to push the budget to the wayside. Naturally, you’ll want to fix up the house with new appliances, fancy light fixtures, expensive flooring, etc. I have learned from past experience the importance of staying within the budget when rehabbing a … Read More

2 Great Ideas When You Need to Tear Out a Wall

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With home renovation projects, chances are you will need to tear out a wall at one time or another. Luckily, there are attractive options for the opening.

When I plan my home renovation projects, I always try to restore as much of the look and feel of the original house as possible. That said, there are many times when a wall needs to be torn out to allow for more space, light, and a better flow throughout the house. In some cases, former owners have added walls … Read More