Is Wall-to-Wall Carpeting Back?

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Wall-to-wall carpeting is making a comeback, and it could be the perfect option for your next renovation. Here's why you should consider it!

When I renovate a home, I have to spend time deciding the best route to take for the floors. In some homes, there’s simply no substitute for hardwood flooring, but others look beautiful with laminate flooring or tile. I’ve almost never considered wall-to-wall carpet, until recently. Carpet seems to be “out of style” as of late. I always thought I’d … Read More

Should You Consider White for Your Interior Trim?

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Choosing the right color for your interior trim can feel like an overwhelming decision. These pros and cons will help you pick the best color for your home.

As you may know, Benjamin Moore declared white the color of the year for 2016. But is white the color of the year again in 2017, or should we expect something completely different? These are the types of questions that keep interior designers, like myself, up all night. Fortunately, if you’re careful and pay attention to detail, you will be … Read More

5 Beautiful Ways to Use Beadboard in Your Home

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As an interior designer, I am constantly looking for new ways to add style and beauty to a room. While beadboard isn’t necessarily new to the design world, I feel like it’s the perfect material to instantly transform any space. Beadboard is indeed one trend that has survived the test of time, and it is an inexpensive alternative to tile. … Read More

Should You Open Up Your Kitchen?

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Open floor plans are trendy right now, but an open kitchen may or may not be a good decision for your remodel depending on cost and value.

Open floor plans are trendy right now, and they have had the spotlight for a while. In fact, open kitchens have become so popular during the past few years that I can almost guarantee that they will be here to stay. Keep in mind that open floor plans obviously don’t work for every house, and an open kitchen isn’t always a … Read More