When you’re getting ready to flip a house, you might wonder, “Should I use smart home tech to upgrade this property?” Smart tech is definitely on the rise, and in 2015, a poll found that 27% of homeowners who didn’t have smart home tech planned to buy at least one device in the next year, which could include smart lighting, door locks, security alarms, thermostats, and/or safety devices.

Just imagine the delight on potential buyers’ faces when you show off voice-activated lighting or automatic door locks–It seems like a good idea, but is it really worth it?

What’s Your Return on Investment?

What’s the bottom line? You’re wondering, “So, will smart home tech increase the value of my home flip or not?” Data from Consumer Reports says, yes, your smart tech upgrades can increase home values by around 5%. If you spend less than 5% on it, then it could pay off.

On the other hand, you might not get a better sale price, but you might flip your property faster, according to New York Magazine. Buyers often look at a few similar houses in one day. Yours could stand out if you show them how to use the installed smart home tech to make their lives easier.

Sought-After Smart Home Technologies

Here are five types of smart home tech that consumers really want. The wireless devices are very simple to install—good news for you! Here’s how can you use them to make potential buyers remember your home above all others.

1. Smart Lighting

With a smart lighting system, you could demonstrate to potential buyers how their lights will turn on and off automatically when they enter and leave a room, turn on gradually in the morning, and turn off when they leave the house, which all saves electricity.

You could also connect the smart lights to an electronic assistant, like Alexa, for an impressive voice-control demonstration during home tours. During an evening showing, you can set the lights to turn on when someone walks into the yard, as a safety and security feature.

2. Smart Door Locks

Smart locks can impress potential buyers more than you might expect. You could install a system that not only unlocks the front door when you get close to it with your smartphone, but you can also unlock for guests, including your prospects!

Just ask prospects to download the lock’s app before they come over, then send them the electronic key through the app, along with bonus information about the home.

3. Security Technologies

This is the big one, because a lot of people want smart home tech for security more than for convenience. To sell a home fast, make buyers feel like they’ll be safe there. For around $1,500 or less, you could install security cameras and alarms.

Tell your customers how an outside company can easily monitor their system and send the police to respond to a theft.

4. Thermostats

Many homeowners are frustrated with standard thermostats and would appreciate a smarter one. Visit the website of the thermostat brand you install, look up the potential energy savings, and tell your prospects.